Wednesday, December 19, 2007

email era gone....its website age!!!

Hi all,
Here I am posting my first blog which tells about the need of having a website of diiferent types.It also tells about who all need which type of websites and how it can be fruitfull to others.My next postings will include how to create a website,how to make it known to a large mass on internet and many related topics.I expect lots of comments from my readers so that we can really make it a good discussion.This discussion would surely help many new visitors in either ways.
A few weeks back, I was not having even a single website.I was always wandering , how people own personal websites or other types of websites. Then, thanks to Google, whose search results boosted and helped me to have a website on my own.Yes.dear friends,today I own 3 websites out of which,2 are under construction.Ofcourse,it asks for lots of ur time to manage n create these sites.....but nevertheless,Google is there.Lots of easy sitebuilding softwares are there. Many sites provide free domain name and also alow free webhosting.
You can read a similar blog posted by me on my own website......
The link to that very blog topic is . You can visit the blog and provide your thoughts.It will help me a lot and will boost me up at my childhood age in present website world!!!


Voyance said...

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